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Check Point Profressional Services

cpmiquerybin is found on Provider-1 installations only. If you want to use it on a SmartCenter server, follow this guide cpmiquerybin on SmartCenter server



cpmiquerybin <query_result_type> <database> <query> [-a <attributes_list>]

indentify firewall objects

Standalone Firewalls

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "(type='gateway') & (location='internal')" -a __name__


CLUSTERS=( `cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "(type='gateway_cluster') & (location='internal')" -a __name__ | tr '\n' ' '` )

cluster members
list all objects of type cluster member

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "(type='cluster_member') | (type='gateway') & (location='internal')" -a __name__

list the member of a particular cluster

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "name='<name_of_cluster_here>'" -a cluster_members

identify clusters and standalone firewalls (excluding cluster members)

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "(type='gateway_cluster') & (location='internal') | (type='gateway') & (location='internal')" -a __name__,svn_version_name

cpmiquerybin object "mdsdb" pv1_administrators ""

get name of all objects of type cluster member

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "type='cluster_member'" -a __name__

To get a list of names of all VALID cluster members from cluster object name

cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "" |grep -A 12 cluster_members |grep Name | awk -F "(" '{printf $2}' | sed -e 's/)/|/g'


cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "name='cluster_name'" -a cluster_members

anti-spoofing check on all firewall interfaces

fw="xxx"; cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "name='$fw'" |grep anti_spoof

query all objects for an ip address

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "ipaddr=''" -a __name__,ipaddr

from cma env, list management/cma objects

# cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "management='true'" -a __name__,ipaddr 

All members of a group

cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "name='group_name_goes_here'" | grep ":Name"

All members of a group formatted

 cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "name='$GROUP_NAME'" | grep -E ":Name" | sed -n 's/.*(\([^ ]*\))/\1/p'

All IPs and masks of group's members

GROUPNAME="<group name>"; cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "name='$GROUPNAME'" | grep ":Name" | awk '{print $2}' | tr -d '()' | while read line; do IPADDRESS=`cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "name='$line'" -a ipaddr | tr -d '\t';`; MASK=`cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "name='$line'" -a netmask`; CIDR=`/usr/local/bin/mask2cidr $MASK`; echo "$IPADDRESS/$MASK"; done

List services with 'Match for Any' ticked

cpmiquerybin attr "" services "include_in_any='true'" -a __name__

MDS queries

list all MDSs

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" mdss "" -a __name__

list primary MDS

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" mdss "primary='true'" -a __name__

list CMAs

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" network_objects "management='true'" -a __name__,ipaddr
cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" network_objects "hosted_by_mds='<mds_name>'" -a __name__

get IP for CLM name

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" network_objects "name='clm_name_goes_here'" -a __name__,ipaddr

get list of firewalls / cp devices

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" network_objects "(type='gateway_cluster') | (type='gateway') | (type='cluster_member')" -a __name__

CMA queries

List CLMs / log servers from CMA env

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "(log_server='true') & (management='false')" -a __name__,ipaddr
***note*** above is example of a compound query

get CMA policy names

cpmiquerybin attr "" fw_policies "" -a __name__

get CMA list of policy collections (similar to above)

cpmiquerybin attr "" policies_collections "" -a __name__

get installable targets for a policy named standard

cpmiquerybin attr "" policies_collections "name='Standar'" -a __name__,installable_targets

print raw dump of a policy named Standard (it does contain rule UIDs unlike dbedit output)

cpmiquerybin object "" fw_policies "name='##Standard'"

dump MDS admin account info

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" pv1_administrators "type='pv1_administrator'" -a __name__,auth_method,msp_perm

same as above plus formatting

cpmiquerybin attr "mdsdb" pv1_administrators "type='pv1_administrator'" -a __name__,auth_method,msp_perm \
| awk '{ printf $1 ",";  for (i=2; i<NF; i++) printf $i; printf ","; if ($NF==80000000) print "Provider-1 Superuser"; \
if ($NF==40000000) print "Customer Superuser"; if ($NF==20000000) print "Global Manageer";  \
if ($NF==10000000) print "Customer Manager"; if ($NF==00000000) print "None"; } '

get secondary CMA

cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "(primary_management='false') & (management='true')" -a __name__

cma global properties

individual parameters are not available by name. You have to dump them all and grep for what you want.

cpmiquerybin object "" properties "name='firewall_properties'"

example - cma auto sync rules / objects on policy save global setting:

cpmiquerybin object "" properties "name='firewall_properties'" |grep auto_sync_on_install | sed -n 's/.*(\([^ ]*\))/\1/p'


queryable tables can be gleaned from tables.C
 cat tables.C |grep ": ("

Default Queries for mdsquerydb

mdsquerydb is utilizes cpmiquerybin. The table below defines all the queries it uses. It is included here as a reference for cpmiquerybin.


# (c) Copyright 1993-2005 Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
# All rights reserved.
# This is proprietary information of Check Point Software Technologies
# Ltd., which is provided for informational purposes only and for use
# solely in conjunction with the authorized use of Check Point Software
# Technologies Ltd. products.  The viewing and use of this information is
# subject, to the extent appropriate, to the terms and conditions of the
# license agreement that authorizes the use of the relevant product.
# This configuration file is a part of Provider-1/SiteManager-1 Database Query Tool
# each line in queries.conf is:
# $1 - query environment [ MDS | CMA | ANY ]
# $2 - dbname
# $3 - key
# $4 - display format [ attr | object ]
# $5 - tablename
# $6 - query
# $7 - fields to be printed
CMA ""          NetworkObjects                  attr    network_objects         ""                                      __name__,type   # Get name and type of all network objects
MDS ""          GlobalNetworkObjects    attr    network_objects         ""                                      __name__,type   # Get name and type of all global network objects
MDS "mdsdb"     NetworkObjects                  attr    network_objects         ""                                      __name__,type   # Get all customers' internal Check Point installed network objects
MDS "mdsdb"     Customers                               attr    pv1_customers           ""                                      __name__                # Get names of all PV-1 Customers
MDS "mdsdb"     Administrators                  attr    pv1_administrators      ""                                      __name__                # Get names of all PV-1 Administrators
MDS "mdsdb"     MDSs                                    attr    mdss                            ""                                      __name__,ipaddr # Get names and IPs of all MDSs
MDS "mdsdb"     CMAs                                    attr    network_objects         "management='true'" __name__            # Get names of all CMAs
CMA ""          Gateways                                attr    network_objects         "type='gateway'"        __name__,ipaddr # Get names and IPs of all gateways
MDS "mdsdb"     GuiClients                              attr    pv1_guiclients          ""                                      __name__,ipaddr # Get names and IPs of all gui clients
CMA ""          Status                                  attr            statuses   ""   __name__ 
CMA "" Policies object fw_policies ""