Creating objects with dbedit

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Check Point Profressional Services


creating a new host

dbedit> create host_plain object_name
dbedit> modify network_objects object_name ipaddr 
dbedit> update network_objects object_name

creating a new network

dbedit> create network network_name
dbedit> modify network_objects network_name ipaddr 
dbedit> modify network_objects network_name netmask 
dbedit> update network_objects network_name

creating and adding objects to a group

dbedit> create network_object_group group_name 
dbedit> addelement network_objects group_name   network_objects:object_name 
dbedit> update network_objects group_name 

deleting an object

dbedit> delete network_objects <object_name>

running the script

dbedit -s -u Administrator -p abc123 -f network_script.txt