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Check Point Profressional Services

Problem description: A firewall was deleted without detaching a central license. The firewall object was recreated with a new name. Attempts to attach a license with smart update failed with an error to the effect that no unattached licenses were available. I obtained the certificate key from the firewall database. A search was performed on the check point user center with the key. It was downloaded into a file and an attempt to add it to the repository failed with a message that it already existed.

version: r75 or r77 (don't remember)


1) connect to the provider-1 MDS and stop the cma vi mdscmd stopcma customer_name -i cma_ip

2) mdsenv cma_ip

3) mcd conf

4) cp licenses.c licenses.c.bak

5) vi licenses.c and manually delete the problem license(you have to figure out what lines the definition of the license object start and end at)

6) vi smart update GUI the license back to the repository and

7) attach the license to the firewall