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connecting to the appliance for the first time

Gaia and SecurePlatform

  • The management interface is marked MGMT with a default IP address of
  • default username and password: admin /admin
  • mgmt ip accessible via https and a web browser
  • check point instructions are to run the First Time Configuration Wizard by connecting with a browser
  • after the wizard run, it is available via CLI through the console or ssh. If you try to access it before running the Wizard, you get this error message
This system is for authorized use only.
login: admin
In order to configure your system, please access the Web UI and finish the First Time Wizard.


front panel

12400 front.png


Configure the terminal emulation program settings:

  • Serial port settings: 9600 BPS, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.
  • Flow control is None.
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